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Books lover. Explorer. CEO at
Ad Astra.

Each Day is a Lifetime

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Always a student.

“As you think, so shall you become.”

(A seguire la versione in Italiano)

Our global approach is also about making sure everyone gets the same opportunities to publish and access books.

IN2NYC, New York City, and Queens College

Our StreetLibers are the foundation, brick and mortar of our company. We are only the workers. StreetLib stories are a way to learn about these foundations, one StreetLiber at a time. We discover today Sharolyn G. Brown’s publishing story as told by herself. Thanks Sharolyn for sharing it with us! Here is her story:

It won’t last long, and the established companies won’t be happy. But most people will.

The Book Publishing Landscape Is Big, Diverse and Global.

Wider is Wiser

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